Luggage room point Alghero, the new diy holiday service

Luggage room point Alghero

Just 600 meters from the airport bus departure station, the Alghero luggage storage point is a convenient service, completely safe and much cheaper than the expensive lockers in railway stations or airport terminals.

It is aimed at the kind of travelers who love the do-it-yourself vacation and frequent the thousands of vacation rentals on the Coral Riviera. No hotels, therefore, or luxury resorts where there is always a room for luggage. No b & b that however gladly lend themselves to store luggage for a few hours. But holiday homes, often remotely managed, are unable to offer this service.

And who better than HABBY – the DIY specialist – could offer it?

Luggage room point Alghero

The natural extension of the parcel collection point service...

The luggage room point Alghero is the natural extension of the HABBY Parcel Point service, which has been active for many years in our stores. Through the Alghero luggage storage point (c / o Habby Point), the customer will have a highly qualified and economical service available to leave his luggage safe.

In this way he will be free to enjoy the wonders of our city, or our sea, without encumbrance and without worries until the moment of actual departure.

Luggage room point Alghero

So many good reasons to use it...

Luggage room point Alghero

How should i do to ...

The booking service is also available online and you can do everything in just three steps:


1 - Access the site

Click on the BOOK DEPOSIT button and fill out the booking form


2 - Send with a click

Proceed to forward the reservation by clicking on the submit button

icona maps

3 - Drop off your luggage

Consult the map and go to the place at the agreed time to drop off your luggage

Luggage room point Alghero

How much is it...

The rates are simple and inexpensive

The rates are simple and inexpensive
Savings with combinations

Do you have two pieces of luggage, for example a trolley plus a backpack or a bag, or a backpack plus a bag? No problem, the combinations benefit from a discounted rate for the effect of which you will pay only 3 euros instead of 5 for the second bag.

For example, Peter and Clara deposit one trolley each at 12:00 on Wednesday

Luggage room point Alghero

They will collect it at 20:00 on the same day and then after 8 hours of storage

Luggage room point Alghero

When Peter and Clara have to collect the 2 trolleys they will pay:

  • € 5.00 for 2 bags for the first 6 hours
  • € 2.00 x 2 bags for the next 2 hours (1 euro per hour)
But if they had collected their luggage before 6 hours, they would have paid only € 5.00 x 2 bags

Easy, right?

Ok, if you want you can go to the booking page immediately

Click on the button to confirm the pick-up time and not waste time when depositing your baggage

Do you need more information? Do you want to extend the service? Whatever you need, drop us a message

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